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Psalm 22:3-5 You are Holy

February 9, 2021 | by: Gregg Hunter | 1 comments

Posted in: The Psalms

One of my favorite Christian worship songs is known as “contemporary Christian music,” even though it was released nearly 20 years ago. It is called “You are Holy (Prince of Peace)” by Michael W. Smith. The song begins with men singing the praises of God, and the women of the congregation echoing:



“You are holy,

You are mighty,

You are worthy,

Worthy of praise.”


Because of these great aspects of God’s nature, we then sing our commitment to respond:


“I will follow,

I will listen,

I will love you,

All of my days.”


The song repeated so much, and was used so often in corporate worship, that, if you were part of a church in the early 2000’s, you are probably singing it right now! Unfortunately, over-familiarity with songs like this one have caused us to lose our affection for them. But not this one! Not for me! I really like this song—and not just because it is catchy, and something that often comes to mind, but because of its theological significance.

This song teaches us the same lesson that we are taught in Psalm 22:3-5. Please read those verses now, before we continue.


If we are to believe ancient Christian tradition, and Jesus continued to recite Psalm 22 (although only a fraction of it is recorded in the gospels), then, after asking God why He has forsaken Him, Jesus would have moved into the beautiful reminder of verse 3: “Yet You are holy.”

Jesus was hanging on the cross, enduring unimaginable torture, and crying out to the All-Powerful Father to deliver Him. But God didn’t deliver Jesus from the cross. Our Lord’s flesh must have begun to fester with accusations against the Father. But Jesus reminded Himself of the truth: God is holy; God is perfect; God is faithful to those who trust in Him.

In His moment of suffering, it felt like God was being cruel. But our feelings are not our masters. We must follow our Lord’s example, and remind our feelings of the truth. No matter how difficult life’s circumstances might be, no matter how silent God may be to my prayers, He is still holy. His holiness will never fade. He is perfect in all of His ways.

When we remind ourselves of God’s holiness, and of His faithfulness to respond to those who trust in Him, we can recommit ourselves to following, listening, and loving Him... all of my days!


Jenny Balzano

Feb 9, 2021

For a moment, if we take these verses out of context of the text: we can reflect. One thought that comes to mind is the United States. Our founding fathers looked to God for direction and wisdom: “in God we trust”. They called out to God and prayed openly- they were not mocked and put to shame. Sadly, society has shifted- we no longer trust in God but want to remove him until we want rescued then we conveniently want to know where he was when...(you fill in the blank).
But God is a loving God, even though we reject him- he is there: patiently waiting for his children to come to him. He is holy, righteous and worthy to be praised!