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Francis Chan shares the message of the Gospel in "Stop and Think"... Keep Reading

Dr. Al Mohler explains how the false gospel of Moralism is attractive, but it is just that, a FALSE gospel!... Keep Reading

Worth It All

March 1, 2014 | by: Danielle Iman | 0 comments

“Most men are not satisfied with the permanent output of their lives. Nothing can wholly satisfy the life of Christ within his followers except the adoption of Christ’s purpose toward the world he came to redeem. Fame, pleasure and riches are but husks and ashes in contrast with the bo… Read More

Your kids will leave home. And when they do, whether for a trade, profession, or education, will they be prepared? Alex Chediak, author of Preparing Your Teens for College has an excellent post and summed up how Parents make the difference this way: What makes a difference? Training. Modeling. Di… Read More

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According to Comfort, the film is essentially a second Scopes trial, putting evolutionary scientists from UCLA and USC on the witness stand and challenging them to present evidence for the theory. The movie includes a statement by Professor Richard Dawkins about faith, which Comfort believes will "put a nail in the coffin of evolution." "We haven't misrepresented the professors in the slightest, but have just taken what they blindly believe and made it public," the producer noted. "It's going to show that the emperor Darwin has no clothes. 'Evolution vs. God' reveals, from the mouths of the 'experts,' that Darwinian evolution is not only unproven and unprovable, but is unscientific. If you believe in evolution, prepare to have your faith shaken." ---ChristianNewsWire... Keep Reading

Fathers should lead in the gospel, not lead in hypocrisy... Keep Reading

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Now THAT'S an Investment!

February 8, 2013 | by: Michael Shafran | 0 comments

Investing our time and resources now for great reward later. ... Keep Reading

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Paul Tripp presents the Nowism of the Gospel... Keep Reading

The gospel is not meant to be left behind as only "the day you were saved." The gospel is meant for everyday!... Keep Reading

Evangelist on the Titanic

April 16, 2012 | by: Michael Shafran | 0 comments

This is the story of John Harper, an evangelist, who was on the Titanic 100 years ago. ... Keep Reading

Using Revelation 5:1-14, David Platt presents a passionate case for taking the gospel to "unreached people" of the world. ... Keep Reading