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Psalm 49:5-9 Money Can't Save You from Death

July 21, 2021 | by: Gregg Hunter | 1 comments

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Yesterday, we began our study of Psalm 49 by learning that the psalmist has a message for all peoples: nothing can save you from death except faith in God. Unfortunately, people have all sorts of idols in which they trust, even though these idols will not ultimately be able to save them from death. There are five specific idols identified in this psalm. Today, we will look at the first: money.


Please read Psalm 49:5-9.


Perhaps the most common idol in which people trust is money. Wealth is a primary motivator for many Americans. People will blow their paycheck buying paper tickets at a gas station in the hope that they will win the lottery and gain massive wealth over night. Other people say: "That’s foolish! You don’t earn wealth overnight; you need to work hard each and every day to slowly gain wealth over time." This second group of people seems wise, but they are still pursuing the same idol: worldly wealth.


Wealth is such a powerful motivator that the state of Maryland even offers a lottery incentive in which people are enrolled if they will just get the COVID vaccine. Think about that for a moment: there are many residents of Maryland who are objecting to getting the vaccine for all kinds of reasons – some think its untested, others think its ineffective, some are too busy, others just don’t want a needle in their arm – but the state of Maryland has found a way to overcome all of those reasons: people will do anything, compromise any values, if it means an opportunity for more money!


This doesn’t apply to all people of course, but it is a common enough attitude that politicians have learned to take advantage of it. Many have gotten elected recently by promising free handouts when they get in office: “vote for me and I’ll give you another stimulus, forgive your student loans, and increase your minimum wage paycheck.” No matter what political policies you believe should be enacted by the government, you should be able to see that this is sheer bribery!


Why is offering people money such an effective means of getting them to do whatever you want them to do? Because on this earth, money is power. Money is a safety net against tragedy. Money is a means to attaining comfort and rest. Money is a promise of something better.


People put their trust in money for all kinds of reasons. But, no matter why you started pursuing money, the end result will always be the same: money cannot buy you happiness; money cannot buy you security; money cannot buy you rest. Money might let you buy means of temporary pleasure; it might let you buy armed guards; it might let you buy the best medical treatment. But the richest people in the world still desire more money, they still have tragedies happen to them, and, most significantly to the psalmist, the richest people in the world still die.


Money cannot protect you from death. People might cheat the righteous and trust in their wealth on this earth. But one day they will leave this earth, just like everyone else. Their money cannot extend their life past the point where God has ordained that it will end. God is not interested in their money, and even if He were, God cannot be bribed. Whether rich or poor, death is still coming for us all. Death is the great equalizer.


Jenny Balzano

Jul 7, 2021

God’s word is very clear in these verses that money is nothing in the eyes of God. In the end we all die and money means nothing. Always remember that everything we have belongs to God and should be used to glorify and lift him up.