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You are Loved (Genesis 30:19-21)

July 20, 2021 | by: Gregg Hunter | 0 comments

Posted in: Genesis 30

As we reach the conclusion of the story of Rachel and Leah’s childbearing, we witness the different tragedies that each of these women experience, and we are reminded of how God can turn a tragedy into something beautiful. Today, we will look at Leah's tragedy, and, on Monday, we will look at Rachel's.


Let’s start by reading Leah’s tragedy in Genesis 30:19-21.

Leah’s progression is a tragic one. She began by wanting to be loved by her husband. After bearing her first son, her desire was “now my husband will love me” (29:32). The tragic truth is that Jacob loved Rachel, and no amount of child-bearing on the part of Leah would change that. By the time Leah bears her sixth and final son, she recognizes that she has no hope of being loved by her husband. Her only hope is for respect and honor in the household. So she cries “now my husband will honor me.” She understands that she has no hope of being loved by her spouse; her only hope is to have status.

There are many people out there today who feel like Leah. You feel unloved. You feel worthless. You feel like there is nothing valuable in you. You feel like you have fallen too far, you’ve done too many wrong things, you’ve been broken too badly to ever be healed.

Leah was described as “weak-eyed,” and spent her whole life in the shadow of her younger, more beautiful sister. She knew what it was like to be looked down upon. Her own husband had to be tricked into marrying her! Some of you feel like that’s the only way anyone will end up with you too: they’d have to be tricked into it!


Leah’s story was tragic, but you are not Leah. Leah would never be loved by her husband and needed to find her worth in something else. But you are loved by God. Jesus Christ loves you so much that He died for you. Before you were even a thought in your parents’ minds, God carefully knit you together in your mother’s womb, carefully designing every aspect of you, from the hair on your head to your sense of humor.

But since then, you’ve fallen. Now you think, “maybe God could have loved me, but not now; not after what I’ve done.” You forget that the All-Knowing, Infinite God looked through time and space before He ever created the world and saw every sin that you have ever done. He knew every broken aspect of your life, and He still chose to make you; He still chose to die for you; He still chose to love you.