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The Call of Abram (Genesis 12:1-9)

July 19, 2021 | by: Gregg Hunter | 2 comments

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As believers in Jesus Christ, Scripture refers to us as “children of Abraham.” This new series will take us through the life of our ‘spiritual father.’ Through it, we will learn that Father Abraham was far from perfect, but he was considered righteous because he believed God. Like all believers today, Abraham was saved by faith.

As we saw last week, there is nothing special about Abraham’s roots. God didn’t choose him because he was the best man on earth, or the richest, or the most powerful. God didn't choose Abraham because there was anything special about him; God chose Abraham because God is God and He can choose whomever He wants. Often, He chooses the lowly, like Abraham. God chooses; our only part is to respond.


Please read Genesis 12:1-3.

God calls Abram (he’s not yet called Abraham) to do two things: leave his father’s house, and go to the land God will show him. These are two distinct things because Abram is not given a destination when he leaves. Abram must trust God in faith by leaving his home, and then he must continue to trust God every step of the way because he doesn’t know where he is going.

This is quite a difficult task! But God assures Abram that, if he obeys, God will both bless Abram and make Abram a blessing to others. In fact, God says that he will bless Abram so that Abram will be a blessing to others. From the very beginning of his call, God is hinting at the Messianic line that will one ay come through Abraham. So, what does Abram do?


Please read Genesis 12:4-9.

I love how verse 4 begins: “so Abram went.” Just like Noah simply “obeyed God,” Abram simply goes where God tells Him. He packs up his family and all of his possessions. He loads up the old wagon with everything he has, gathers all of his people and livestock, and goes. When Sarah asks where they are going, Abram doesn’t answer. When Sarah urges him to stop and ask for directions, Abram just keeps on going.

Eventually, he gets to the land of Canaan, and God tells Abram that this Land will be Promised to his descendants. So Abram worships God by building an altar. Yet, this is not his final destination—he continues to follow God as he journeys on.

Can you imagine being called like Abram? Can you imagine God telling you that you need to leave everything that you’ve ever known behind, pack up your family and all your possessions, and start moving? I can. In fact, I have done this multiple times in my life, and I can testify that each one has been a challenge.

Hannah and I have always believed that God will bless us if we go where He wants us to go. We have always hoped that each move would be our last, and hopefully this one will. Yet, each time that we’ve gotten settled in the past—started to build an altar to the Lord and worship Him with our wonderful church family—He has called us to move on. This has happened in a myriad of ways, but when He's called, we’ve obeyed.

This is not to say that I perfectly obey God, or that Abram perfectly obeyed God, but I want to use it as an example of how amazing God is! Each time that He called us to move, there were fears on our part. We worried about moving across the country, away from our family and friends. Then, once we had children, we worried about moving back across the country, away from all the church family and friends that they have ever known. We’ve worried about money and paying our bills. We’ve worried about the future and all of our plans. We worried alot, especially when God called us to follow Him to strange places like Fort Howard, Maryland. 

Yet, God has provided. Every. Single. Time.

God provided for us when we were faithful. God provided for Abram when he was faithful. God will provide for you if you remain faithful. No matter what He may call you to do today, you can trust God. He provides for those who listen to His call.


Donald Ricketts

May 14, 2020

Is that why you traveled here with just your dog? - So Hannah wouldnt be able to tell you to stop and ask for directions?
Donald Ricketts

May 14, 2020

There are stranger places than Ft Howard.