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Proclaiming Coming Judgment (Genesis 19:10-14)

July 19, 2021 | by: Gregg Hunter | 0 comments

Posted in: Genesis 19

Yesterday, we saw how great the sin of Sodom and Gomorrah had become. Today, we will see how God will judge these cities, and save Lot and his family while doing so.


Please read Genesis 19:10-11.

The angels save Lot and his family from both the mob, and from making a grievous error by fulfilling Lot’s offer to give his daughters to the mob. They then emphasize to Lot that they don’t just want to save him, but his entire family…


Please read Genesis 19:12-14 

Notice the difference in the reactions: Lot hears what the angels have to say, and he immediately responds with obedience; Lot’s sons-in-law hear the same message, and think that Lot is joking! Lot has been a mixed bag of righteousness and sin up until this point, but he at least responds to God’s proclamation of the coming judgment and an opportunity for salvation with faith.

Most of us would hate for a record to have been kept of our lives. If just a week of our life were recorded in the Bible, it would probably picture us as much more like Lot than we would like to admit. We have fallen short of God’s perfect standard, and we deserve to be judged just as harshly as Sodom and Gomorrah. But God has given us the same message as He gave Lot: flee from the coming judgment! Lot’s means of fleeing to salvation were by getting out of the city; our means of fleeing is by putting our trust in Jesus Christ. In both cases, we are saved by faith. We are all a mixed bag of sin and good deeds, and we all need to be saved by faith.

Both Lot and his sons-in-law heard the Word of the Lord, but only Lot trusted Him. This is why only Lot and his family will be saved.

What about you? Have you heard the message of God: that all mankind deserves to be punished for our rebellion against the God of the universe? Have you further heard the Good News that Jesus Christ came to this earth and took our punishment upon Himself, so that we might be saved if we would but repent and put our faith in Him?

If you’ve heard this, does it motivate you, like it did Lot, to tell your closest friends, your neighbors, and anyone that you care about so that they too may be saved? This is understandably risky, because they may react like Lot’s sons-in-law and mock you. But they just may react like Lot did, and if that happens, then you can spend eternity rejoicing with them in your common salvation. Seems like its worth the risk to me…