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Jesus, The Greater Adam

Treasuring Christ in the OT

Oct 28, 2018

by: Michael Shafran Series: Treasuring Christ in the OT | Category: Types of Christ in the OT | Scripture: Genesis 1–4 | Tags: Jesus, Type, Adam, Typology

The Sermons in this series, Treasuring Christ in the Old Testament" are a look, not to the prophecies of Christ in the OT but to the people and things that are "types" of Christ, showing that Christ is the greater One to come. This series is a result of study using Ed Clowney's wonderful work, "The Unfolding Mystery: Discovering Christ in the Old Testament." 

This sermon series is based on what is called "Biblical Theology." We are seeing the entire story of the Bible and how the point of the Bible is found in Jesus. This, being the first in the series, gives both the introduction and the first type for the rest of the series.