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Working and Praying (Genesis 24:10-28)

June 23, 2020 | by: Gregg Hunter | 0 comments

Posted in: The Life of Abraham

Please Read Genesis 24:10-14

There are a couple of things to notice about the servant’s prayer request here. First, he diligently asks God, in prayer, to provide the wife that he was sent to procure. This shows that he has faith in God to provide, and is trusting that the right woman will answer his request.

But equally important is the second point: he brought his camels to a well during the time when women usually go to the well. He took every normal step to encounter a woman who would fulfill the requirements of his prayer request. It would be expected that at least one woman would be kind enough to offer a drink for the man, and then offer water for his camels as well. If this were to happen, absent the servant’s prayer, then nothing miraculous would be taking place; just common courtesy. But, because the servant prayed specifically the woman who offered this common courtesy would be the woman God provides, we see God’s hand in this test. Indeed, God provides for Rebekah to come to the well before the servant finishes his prayer.


Please Read Genesis 24:15-28.

The servant had come to this land with one intention: to procure a wife for Isaac from one of Abraham’s relatives. When he offered this test and asked God to bless his efforts, immediately, Rebekah came and fulfilled the test. But he couldn’t know if she was the answer to his prayers unless she also was one of Abraham’s relatives. So he asks where she’s staying and finds out that, indeed, she is the answer to his prayers! No wonder, he proceeds to worship the Lord for blessing his efforts!

Whether you are out looking for a wife, or are attempting any other equally challenging endeavor, the servant’s example is a good one to follow. His story could be summed up in the old adage: work as if everything depends upon you; pray as if everything depends upon God.

The servant took the necessary steps to find a good woman from among his master’s relatives. Had he not prayed, he still likely would have had a nice girl from among Abraham’s relatives come to him, thus allowing him to fulfill his mission. He worked as if everything depended upon him.

But, the servant also bathed his efforts in prayer. He asked God to bless his plan, and saw the immediate appearance and actions of Rebekah as the work of God. He then “bowed his head and worshipped the Lord,” because he knew that God alone was the one who fulfilled the servant’s mission.

We should all do the same. Whether we are looking for a wife, or our car keys; whether we are out saving souls or saving a few dollars at the grocery store. We should work as if everything depends upon us, and pray as if everything depends upon God.