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Introducing Today's Bible Reading TBR

March 14, 2018 | by: Michael Shafran | 1 comments

17 Arch REVISE

I would like to be able to share with you, my church family, daily from God's Word through this blog and social media. So today I am introducing a short daily blog on Bible reading for each day called simply Today's Bible Reading or TBR. Each day I will list TBR's 2 passages and then briefly comment on one (or both) giving a teaching and application from it. I encouage you to read the passages for yourself. You can read the post, comment on it, and share it. I will post it on the church blog and twitter and my personal facebook page and twitter (@PastorMShafran).

Today’s Bible Reading is based on the M’Cheyne Reading Plan. In this plan, M’Cheyne gives approximately 4 chapters per day. Originally, 2 were to be read with “Family” and two in “Secret,” what we would call private devotions. On, they list this as "With Family" and "In Private." Each day, you essentially read 2 chapters of the OT, 1 of the NT and 1 from Psalms or Proverbs. By reading this plan, in just 1 year, you will read the Old Testament once and the NT and Psalms twice. 

On TBR will divide this into two years. The first year I will read and comment on “With Family” and the second year “In Private.” If you like, you can follow along easily by creating a free account on and selecting the M’Cheyne Reading Plan. For simplicity, we are started the plan with the start date of Jan 1, 2018. While we are jumping in the middle of some things, but as we say, the important thing is to just read. 

If you are interested in following along online at, after you create an account, select M’Cheyne Reading plan, click on the small wrench in the top right of the box where it says "plans," select “change start date” to 2018-01-01 and you will be right on track with us.  

Or, simply open your bible each day to the passages I will list for you and read.

May the Lord be with you today!

-Pastor Michael 




Jen Deurer

Mar 14, 2018

Thanks Pastor!