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The First Worship: TBR: April 6: Lev 9; Psalm 10

April 6, 2018 | by: Michael Shafran | 0 comments

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The First Worship: TBR: April 6: Lev 9; Psalm 10

As we continue reading in Leviticus 9, the ordination of Aaron and the priests is now complete, and the first service at the “tent of meeting” is about to take place. They take a sin offering, burnt offering, grain offering, and peace offerings. These are given as sacrifices and offerings to the Lord. Five things I noticed. First, they needed to sacrifice and do exactly as the Lord stated. They couldn’t offer what they wanted. Second, what a joy (and relief) to the people that the Lord accepted these sacrifices. We know this because the Lord consumed with fire v. 24. Third, this brought joy and reverence to the people - they fell on their faces. Fourth, this was all done for the glory of the Lord v. 23. Fifth, the Lord met with His people. Without the sacrifice, the Lord would not be pleased. If you are in follower of Christ today, we can rest assure all these things are true in the greater sense because they have been fulfilled in Christ. At the cross we find mercy, at the cross we find peace, at the cross we find joy and reverence. May all our worship be for the glory of Christ. May the Lord be with you today. 

- Pastor Michael