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TBR: March 16: Exodus 27; John 6

March 16, 2018 | by: Michael Shafran | 0 comments

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TBR: March 16: Exodus 27; John 6 

Jesus fulfills the OT. When we consider the exodus of the Israelites, we see their great need of food for survival. Without food, you’ll die. So the LORD sent mana, bread from heaven. In John 6, Jesus multiplied the bread and fish not merely to give His listeners a free handout but to point them to Him as the True Bread that has come down from heaven. With Christ, we can have eternal life. Without Christ, we will perish. Just as you must continually eat for strength and nourishment, so too we must continually feast (trust) on Christ everyday for our spiritual well being. How do we do this? Jesus said by continually believing in Him vv. 47-51. Christian, you’ll be blessed by trusting Christ in all things today. It doesn’t mean you won’t have troubles. It means he’ll give you grace for today, for He’ll be with you. The Lord be with you today.         

- Pastor Michael