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Psalm 7:10-17 Praise for God's Judgment on Evil and Our Deliverance

December 11, 2020 | by: Gregg Hunter | 0 comments

Posted in: The Psalms

Please read Psalm 7.


Yesterday we spent a little bit of time thinking about the final day of judgment. But in verses 10-17, David dwells even more on this time when God will finally judge evil… and save those who trust in Him.

There is a lot of weaponry in these verses: a shield, a sword, bow and arrows, deadly weapons, flaming arrows, and trap pits. But notice that most of these are used against evildoers.

For the believer, who trusts in God, the only weapon they need to be concerned about is a shield. As David boldly declares, “My shield is with God.” God is our shield; He will protect us. Believers need not fear because God is on our side, and greater is He who is for us than all who are against us. The enemy can attack us all he wants; nothing will get through our Mighty Shield.

But the evildoer better beware. God is sharpening His sword, and notching His arrows to His bow, preparing to strike. God’s anger burns hot against sin, and He will one day let His judgment loose. Those arrows will be launched at the evil doer—and God never misses! The sword will be swung by His Mighty Arm—and the sharpened sword will always cut true!

What’s more, God has greater weapons—deadly weapons—like fiery arrows. These are the kind of arrows that can light up the night sky when they rain down on the enemy. They will burn not just the wicked, but all that the wicked person holds dear—all of his treasures, his house, his possessions, his loved ones. God’s judgment will be thorough and complete.

But God doesn’t really even need to fight this wicked person. The evildoer is so lost in their sin that they prepare their own weapons of warfare: traps for the enemy to fall into. These murder holes would be carefully covered so as not to be discovered by the enemy. Then the evildoer falls into his own trap!

What a perfect illustration of sin. The wicked man thinks he knows better than God, so he does whatever he pleases. But after a time, he notices that he can’t stop—his sin has become a snare! He thought he was having his own way, but he was only hurting himself.

Fortunately, there is hope, even for the wicked. God can deliver us from the darkest pit. We need only to repent of our sins and trust in Him. God does not want to pour out His wrath upon us, so He has been slow in executing His judment--holding it back and giving us time to repent. But we must repent of our sins and trust in Him now, because we don't know how soon it will be too late.

Once we do acknowledge that He alone is our source of salvation, then, like David, we will grow in our desire to sing His praises and give Him thanks that He is due.