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Psalm 5:7-8, 11-12 God Saves Those who Trust in Him

December 3, 2020 | by: Gregg Hunter | 1 comments

Posted in: The Psalms

Perhaps, as you reflected on yesterday’s blog post, it left you feeling a little uncomfortable. That’s because I talked about half of the passage while ignoring the other half. Hopefully, after learning about the other half this morning you will have a fuller understanding of the nature of God and give Him the glory that He is due. That is why it is always important to read the whole Psalm, even though we are only covering a part of it each day. Speaking of which...

Please read Psalm 5.

While it is true that God is holy and just, that He hates the wicked and will punish them for their evil ways, it is also true that God is merciful and good, that He will bless those who trust in Him and protect them from all harm. This latter truth is what David leans on in verses 7-8 and again in verses 11-12 (you may want to reread them now).

After talking about the evil people that God hates, David says in verse 7, “But as for me...” As a Christian, we are reminded that God treats us differently then those wicked people around us.

This isn’t because we are somehow better than them, but because, like David, we have chosen to come into God’s house through the multitude of His mercy. We have trusted in the mercy of God, which is limitless. We have trusted that He will lead us in righteousness, and guide us in His ways.

On our own, we would have gone down the wicked way of the sinner. We are no better than our non-Christian neighbors. Sometimes we even feel like we are worse because we only see their outward sins, but we know the deep sins of our own heart. We know the pride, selfishness, hate, lust, greed, and idolatry that we have felt at times. We deserve to be punished with the rest of the wicked.

But God has saved us from our sin! Through His mercy, we can be free from the snare of sin! Praise God, for He alone is good and worthy to be praised!

That is why David says that everyone who trusts in God should ‘rejoice,’ ‘shout for joy,’ and ‘be joyful.’ God is good! God has saved us from our sin. All those who have trusted in God have been saved!

And not only have we been saved in the past, but we are also reminded that God ‘will bless the righteous’—we have a blessing in store for us in the future! God is our loving Heavenly Father who wants to pour out upon us blessing after blessing.

We have already witnessed some of these blessings through our salvation, but there are many more to come. Let us praise the Lord for what He has done, and trust in Him for all that He will do.


Jenny Balzano

Dec 12, 2020

I am thankful for all of the blessings that God has given to me and my family. I trust in him and know that he will provide for me. He will continue to bless me and my family. When life seems overwhelming, I must slow down and see the blessings that are right before me.