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Psalm 4:6-8 David Rests in God

November 30, 2020 | by: Gregg Hunter | 1 comments

Posted in: The Psalms

Please read Psalm 4.

David began this Psalm by addressing God in verse 1. Then he addresses his enemies in verses 2-5. Now he turns his attention back to God in verses 6-8 (which you may want to reread now).

David looks all around him and notices that many people are looking for a sign. Many people want to see that God is good; they want to know that God is good; but they don’t want to believe that God is good.

Even pagans, atheists, agnostics, and those who claim to practice no religion have a desire deep down within them for God—they were made that way! But they insist on absolute evidence before taking the leap of faith and fully trusting in God. Because they won’t trust in the Lord, they are left empty and search in vain for other things to satisfy their emptiness. Never satisfied, they are tossed about by every wave of new doctrine, ready to drink in any new teaching, and continually left emptier than they were before.

David looks at his relationship with God and declares boldly in verse 7 that God gives him more joy than all the worldly treasures can give to these empty people. While he is running from an army, fleeing his home, his possessions, his family, and his place of honor, he is more full than those who are pursuing him. Those soldiers may have grain and wine abounding, but they don’t have God. So they are empty.

Because David has God, he can lay down in peace and sleep. While his enemies are all around him, pursuers are hot on his heels, his kingdom is on the brink of ruin, and his son has betrayed his family, David can lay down in peace. Because God is still sovereign. God will give him peace and make him dwell in safety. David’s hope is completely in God.

Is yours? Are you hoping completely in God today? Or are you still pursuing this world’s treasures?

This world does have some beautiful treasures, and many of them promise a better life: you can win the lottery, strike it rich, drive this car, have that phone, wear those clothes, go to that party, have that many followers, be that famous, or whatever. But if your hope is in these things to satisfy, then you will never truly be happy.

Nothing can satisfy the way that Jesus does. Jesus gives us joy greater than anything the world has to offer, peace more secure than the world can offer, and rest so deep that the world can’t even comprehend. Take the leap of faith and trust in Him today!


Jenny Balzano

Dec 4, 2020

Here is the song- I know you have been waiting for it
“I’d rather have Jesus”.
Alison Kraus’ version is what is playing in my head.
“Than riches or gold...houses or land”...”be lead by his nail pierced hand”.