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Psalm 29:10-11 The Lord Sits Enthroned Forever

March 31, 2021 | by: Gregg Hunter | 0 comments

Posted in: The Psalms

A storm can be a fearful thing. A thunderstorm can cause tremendous damage to property and even the loss of life. Lightning can strike down trees and knock out power. Heavy rain can seep into basements and ruin households. It is for good reason that many people fear thunderstorms.

Thunderstorms can also lead to even greater causes of destruction. As someone who used to live near a river, I have seen the massive flooding that can sometimes follow a thunderstorm. Bridges can get washed away, homes can get flooded, mud slides can bury roads, cars, and pets. The dangers are very great.

As David watches the thunderstorm and praises God for its awesome grandeur, his mind is directed to the great danger that this storm could bring. Yet, even in the worst of dangers, he is reminded that God is still in control.


Please read Psalm 29:10-11.


For a nation whose sustenance depended so strongly on the irrigation provided by the Jordan river, flooding was a very real and present danger. It could devastate crops, destroy homes, and deplete the nations natural resources. Yet, even over the flood, “The Lord sits enthroned.” Picture the worst case scenario, and God is still in control. He is still King forever.

Maybe you are waiting on that diagnosis. Even if the disease is imminently terminal, the Lord still sits enthroned as King forever.

Maybe you are in danger of losing your job. Even if all your wealth is taken away and the bank comes for your home, and you are left penniless, the Lord still sits enthroned as King forever.

Maybe you are worried about that confrontation. Even if you are degraded in front of everyone and shamed before all your friends, the Lord still sits enthroned as King forever.

Whatever your worst case scenario might be, it is not too great for God. He can handle whatever may come your way. Even the heaviest flood cannot shake the foundations of the Lord’s throne.

This God, who sits so enthroned, wants to give His strength to you. He wants to give strength to His people and bless His people with peace. This is David’s prayer, and this is God’s desire. The wise prayer is the prayer that lines up with the will of God.

Let us remind ourselves that God is God, no matter what. Storms may come; floods may come; but God is still on His throne. The All-powerful one is still in control, and He wants to be there for you. Lean on Him, no matter how great the storm. Rely on His strength, and you will find that it is always enough.