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Psalm 22:25-31 Eat and Be Satisfied

February 22, 2021 | by: Gregg Hunter | 1 comments

Posted in: The Psalms

This wonderful Psalm closes as all good messages on Christ should: with a beautiful picture of heaven. As our Lord looks forward to leading the congregation of saints in praising God, He closes this Psalm, and His final meditations on the cross, by picturing the make-up of that heavenly congregation.


Please read Psalm 22:25-31.


As Jesus lay dying on the cross, He thought of those for whom He was dying, beginning with “the afflicted.” These are the poor people, the people who can’t help themselves, the people who have suffered greatly in this life. These are the hungry, the thirsty, the naked, the impoverished, and those who have been looked down upon by higher society.

Jesus looks forward to the day when these precious people will eat at His table. No longer will they be rejected, but they will be welcomed as His brothers. No longer will they eat the scraps from the tables of the more fortunate. Now, they “shall eat and be satisfied.” They will eat until they don’t want to eat any more. They get to choose when they will stop because they will be completely satisfied.

Jesus has always had a special place in His heart for the poor, but only “those who seek Him,” will experience this blessing. As they do, they will praise the Lord.

Yet, this blessing is not just reserved for the poor or for a select few. All who seek Jesus will be blessed. Jesus desires for His Good News to be shared with “all the ends of the earth.” People from every tribe, nation, and language will sit at God’s table and eat, and be satisfied. And praise God for that! Otherwise gentiles like you and me would be excluded. But Jesus died so that we can be invited to the great feast.

While we live in an individualistic society and treat men and women as islands, Jesus pictures entire “families” sitting together at His table, even entire “nations” sitting and enjoying the blessing. This includes the poor as well as “the prosperous of the earth.” All shall “eat and worship,” at least all who trust in Christ. In Him, there is no longer poor or rich, Jew or gentile, male or female, black or white. In Christ, all can be united. All can be satisfied.

Jesus even pictures those who have died, “all who go down to the dust,” rejoicing at His table. He pictures those who are yet unborn, and rejoices that they too will have fellowship with Him. Our God is not limited to one nation, to one family, or even to one moment in time. He died so that all people, from every corner of the globe at every time in its history might have an opportunity to be saved.

Yet, it is more than just an opportunity. Jesus looks at the coming of so many people as a fact—“they shall come.” The work that God has started in Christ will be brought to completion. All those for whom Jesus died will be saved. No aspect of His death was in vain.

As He breathed His last breath on the cross, Jesus said “it is finished.” As He completed the last meditation in His heart, Jesus said “He has done it.” Our Lord left everything in the hands of God, and looked forward to the day when God would save sinners and bring them into His Kingdom. There, we will eat and be satisfied.


Jenny Balzano

Feb 23, 2021

When I read this blog- an image similar to the paintings of the Lord’s Supper appears in my mind. However, not only are people sitting shoulder to shoulder around the table but they are also standing behind the people sitting. The room is filled- shoulder to shoulder, wall to wall with Jesus at the head of the table. There is food for everyone. Everyone lives on the bread of life and thirsts no more.