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Psalm 14:5-7 The Great Day of the Fool

January 1, 2021 | by: Gregg Hunter | 0 comments

Posted in: The Psalms

Please read Psalm 14.

In the first 4 verses of this Psalm, David describes the corrupt state of the fool who denies God in his heart. Then, in verses 5-7, David looks forward to a time when God will execute justice on these fools. Please re-read verses 5-7 now.

Today, there are still a great many fools who deny God in their hearts. This denial leads to them living lives absent of any regard for God or His law, and an animosity for His people. As this life progresses, the people of God see no recompense on the fools for their wickedness.

In a weak moment, Christians may be tempted to think that we are the fools for neglecting the drunken, lustful party scene, for failing to sacrifice everything to get ahead in our business, for giving to the church, charities, and those in need instead of taking all that we can get. When we see the way of the world around us, it feels like there is no justice. It feels like we sacrificed while the wicked prospered. But that's not really the case, and justice will come.

One day, Jesus Christ will return and execute justice as the sovereign Judge of all creation. He will right all wrongs, and punish all evil doers. It is to that day that David looks forward as he ends this Psalm. On that day, the fools will bow “in great terror.” On that day, God will reveal that He is “with the generation of the righteous.” On that day, the Lord will be a "refuge" for the poor in spirit who have trusted in Him. On that day, salvation will “come out of Zion!” on that day, the Lord will restore “the fortunes of his people.”

That day is coming, when Jesus will make all things right. He will say to His faithful followers, “well done, good and faithful servant… enter into the joy of your master” (Matt. 25:21). Meanwhile, He will cast all of the non-believers into the lake of fire that was reserved for the devil and his minions.

Only a fool would take the temporary joys of this world in exchange for an eternity of torment. Only a fool would sacrifice an eternity of joy in the presence of our Savior for a momentary lifetime of sinful pleasure. Only a fool would say in his heart, “There is no God,” and live however he pleases.

Sadly, on the great day of judgment, many people will realize what fools they have been.

May this give us all the more greater sense of urgency in sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with those around us. They may sound arrogant; they may refuse to accept the truth; they may argue and shame you for what you believe. But the Scripture is clear that they desperately need Christ to save them., and you know the only hope for their salvation.

When they meet Jesus, they will realize what fools they have been. Let us do everything in our power to help them meet Jesus now, through repentance and faith, before they stand before Him on the great day of judgment!