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Meet Bobby McCoy

April 10, 2012 | by: Michael Shafran | 0 comments

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Imagine that in a split second, on a normal evening, your life would be forever changed...

Bobby.and.Family Resized

I want you to take a few moments to hear my friend Bobby McCoy's story. Both Julie and I knew Sarah, Bobby's wife, as we were all education majors in undergrad. I knew Bobby in college but got to know him better in Seminary while we took classes together. While we both saw the "trials" of translating the book of Revelation from Greek and writing weekly sermons from the Old Testament, Bobby faced extra trials. I had the pleasure of going to and from classes with Bobby one semester in seminary and got to know Bobby better. Though I learned a lot from the prof's in the courses, I learned a lot from Bobby too... maybe more! Though I doubt he even knows.

I want you to meet this man of God and watch and read his story and hear his testimony. Bobby and Sarah are truly some of God's special servants. God chooses special people for special ministries and special trials. 

Imagine God wanted you to go through a trial, a trial that would last the rest of your life. Imagine God wanted to take something from you and turn your world upside down. That's what God did to my friends. After church one evening, they discussed how they would react to the trials the Lord would give them. They agreed they would have to trust the Lord for His grace in whatever trials He would allow. Little did they know, they were about to encounter a trial neither had ever thought they would have to endure.

You can watch a video here with Bobby and Sarah that tells Bobby's story as they seek to win a new van for Bobby to help with his mobility challenges and ministry. Please take time to vote for him and also to pray for him. This is a simple way that we can reach out to Bobby and Sarah to help Bobby win the van they need. 

Also, take a moment and read click here to read Bobby and Sarah's testimony of God's grace.

Make sure you go to to vote for Bobby!

Also visit his website

Oh, one last thing. Share this message with family and friends. You can make a difference helping God's man fulfill the mission He has given him by sharing and voting daily.