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False Teachers, Already: TBR: April 7: Lev 10; Psalms 11, 12

April 7, 2018 | by: Michael Shafran | 0 comments

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False Teachers, Already: TBR: April 7: Lev 10; Psalms 11, 12

Yesterday we read in Lev 9 of the first worship at the tent of the meeting, how the Lord was glorified and the people were reverent. In Lev 10 we read of the first false teachers to appear, Aaron’s sons, who offered “unauthorized fire” to the Lord and were killed by the Lord. The reason the Lord gives is He will be sanctified and glorified. He is Holy unlike any other. He cannot be approached any way people would like. Thus it is important for us to remember that God is a Holy God, a consuming fire. It didn’t take long for false teachers to enter the worship of God - perhaps it was the same day! But one thing was sure, it didn’t matter who the people were related to (Aaron’s sons), if you violated God’s commands and desire for worship due to His holiness, you were not getting a pass. Let us beware of false teachers, and let us worship the Lord in Spirit and truth. May the Lord be with you today. 

-Pastor Michael