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Celebrate the Small Things (Genesis 24:50-54)

June 26, 2020 | by: Gregg Hunter | 0 comments

Posted in: The Life of Abraham

Let’s be honest for a moment: we are living in some difficult days. With all the struggles of coronavirus, social justice, and race riots, the world looks pretty dark. Within our own lives, many of us are facing the death of a loved one, illness, financial hardship, chaos at home, or other struggles. Sometimes life just feels hard.

Abraham’s servant can definitely relate to this sentiment. His master had sent him on what seemed like an impossible mission: he was to travel to a faraway place to find a wife from Abraham’s relatives (whom the servant had never met). He then needed to convince this woman to leave her family, travel to a faraway place, and marry Isaac (whom she had never met). Talk about a tall order!

Before we read today’s passage, it’s important to remember that the servant’s journey is not done. He has not yet returned to his master with a wife for Isaac. He has not yet even fully convinced the woman to come back with him, as we will discover tomorrow. But he has had a minor victory: he has found Abraham’s family, and they believe his story. This is cause for celebration!


Please read Genesis 24:50-54.

While the servant’s journey is not done, he has attained a minor victory. It appears that Laban and Bethuel are willing to let Rebekah return with the servant to be the wife of Isaac. This is cause for celebration! As we will find out tomorrow, this is not their final word on the matter. But the important thing is that the servant can celebrate the minor victories, even though the war is not yet fully won.

That’s a lesson for each one of us today. I know that many of us are frustrated that we need to wear masks at church, and we can’t hug each other, and the nursery doesn’t have a nursery worker in it. The war is not yet won. But we can gather together as a church! Let’s celebrate that victory!

I know that many of us are frustrated at the state of racial injustice in our society. The statistics show that far too many of our black people are falsely imprisoned (one is too many, and there’s more than one). Far too many young black men are put into situations beyond their control – whether it be by police profiling them, or their own neighborhoods immersing them in gangs and drugs, or their own fathers being absent from the family. There is still a much more difficult path for black people in this country to be successful than for white people. But we have made strides! Most police officers don’t treat people unequally based on race. People of all races have equal protections under the law. People of all races can work hard and achieve the American Dream. Let’s celebrate those victories!

What’s more, I know that many of us are frustrated at the state of rioting and the growing political correctness in our country. Businesses are burning, people are afraid to leave their homes in some cities, police are being charged with murder for doing their jobs, and people are being attacked on social media just for voicing their opinions. I read a story this morning about a pastor whose church is losing their lease, which they’ve had for the last six years, because he liked some tweets supporting President Trump, and the media started a firestorm over it. We live in a crazy society! But, we do still have the freedom to go to work, to get on social media and voice our opinions, or simply to call up our friends and talk about ideas. Let’s celebrate those victories!

The world is a dark and scary place. Only the light of Jesus Christ can penetrate that darkness. Until Jesus returns, the darkness will only get worse and worse. But it isn’t completely dark. There is still a light shining. Jesus is still doing great works in this world at large, and in each one of our lives. When we see those miracles, even those that might seem minor, let’s celebrate! The war isn’t over, the battle isn’t done, but the little victories can still cause rejoicing before we have to wake up in the morning and get back to the fight.