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Southern Seminary's Dr. Tom Schreiner answers this question. ... Keep Reading

Christian Worldview with Dr. Mohler

March 15, 2016 | by: Michael Shafran | 0 comments

In a constantly changing society that is increasingly secular it is important to see the news and events from a Christian worldview. Enter Dr. Mohler’s daily podcast, The Briefing. Each weekday, Dr. Mohler gives a daily analysis of critical news and events explaining them from a Christian worl… Read More

The Gospel Project for Everyone

June 20, 2015 | by: Michael Shafran | 0 comments

Every Sunday all ages gather to see how every story of the Bible is about the Great story of the Bible - the Gospel. Join us Sunday mornings and evenings (for adults) to see not only how the Gospel is the central theme of the Bible but how it is central to your everyday life. This is NOT just for ki… Read More

Covenant Eyes - Internet Accountability and Filter

June 8, 2015 | by: Michael Shafran | 0 comments

We recently discussed a lesson in The Gospel Project on lust. One of the ways we are to protect ourselves and our families from lust is to "flee" (2 Tim 2:22). Here is a great tool that can help you and your family in your web browsing whether on your iPhone, iPad, or laptop / desktop to "flee" lust… Read More


February 7, 2015 | by: Michael Shafran | 0 comments

Recently I have taken up journaling during my personal worship time with the Lord. It has been a blessing to say the least. I am no expert in this area, but here are a few short observations about this practice. First, I don't have to write a lot. Simply writing a brief lesson I learned from the re… Read More

Godliness: A New Year's Resolution

December 26, 2014 | by: Michael Shafran | 0 comments

With New Year's approaching, many people will be making a "New Year's Resolution." Some how, some way, they will seek to improve their lives. This, I think, is a good thing. But what should be the primary focus in change in resolutions? The body or soul? Not that there is a total disconnect between… Read More

Saved & Live By Grace

June 4, 2014 | by: Michael Shafran | 0 comments

Years ago when teaching through Galatians, I saw how the Galatians had indeed received Gospel of Christ for their salvation (justification) but they were turning to a different "gospel" for their daily living / Christian growth (sanctification). Paul vehemenly discouraged this: 6 I am astonished th… Read More

Challies reviews True Friendship by Vaughan Roberts and explains 3 Tips for Responding to Criticism... Keep Reading

Pruning of God - Trials

March 18, 2014 | by: Michael Shafran | 0 comments

Here is a great post that shows an example of God Pruning His children through Trials ... Keep Reading